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Catalyst Integration Solution | Integrate core banking systems, back-office applications, and blockchain networks.

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How does it work?

CAT-IS is a low-code enterprise platform that integrates various core banking systems, back-office applications, and blockchain networks. Our platform enables the financial services industry to create distributed business applications and innovative services for customers.

Benefits for Financial Institutions

CAT-IS is an enterprise integration platform designed to connect different applications. With its robust feature set including data transportation, validation, translation, and routing capabilities, the platform provides an efficient, resilient, and adaptable solution for diverse integration workflows.

Connectors and a flexible integration framework

CAT-IS offers advanced connectors and a flexible integration framework, providing efficient data mapping and seamless transition across various protocols and systems.

Automatic failover & reconnection

With built-in automatic failover & reconnection, CAT-IS ensures uninterrupted operations and enhances the resilience of your business processes.

Comprehensive monitoring

CAT-IS features a comprehensive monitoring tool, enabling prompt identification and resolution of potential issues.



A sea of connectors that allows for easy data retrieval and transportation from different sources.


Translators (custom or predefined) help create workflows to reshape the data into different formats according to your needs


Check on the status of the workflows and enable/disable/extend workflows according to your needs

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