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Technical and Functional validation made by SWIFT experts shows that payLOCATOR has completed the gpi for Corporates integration and is capable of processing and exchanging gpi for Corporates-related flows.
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How does it work?

Within the current cross-border payments landscape, there is a segregated view of payments, a lack of transparency, and increased time and operating costs devoted to payment investigation, dispute resolution, and supply chain uncertainties.

payLOCATOR solves these challenges by providing a single window for SWIFT-connected corporates to track all of their payments through the correspondent banking chain, and allowing them to share this information with their non-SWIFT beneficiaries.

Benefits for Banks

payLOCATOR is a unique payment tracking solution that enables you to be an innovative leader in the payments space and create value for your existing and future clients.

Out-of-the-Box Sharing Solution for Clients

payLOCATOR provides an out-of-box solution to banks that allows beneficiaries to know the details about incoming payments

Easy-to-Use API/Ready-to-Use Solution

payLOCATOR can be installed as a white-labeled version by banks, establishing themselves as innovative leaders in the space. payLOCATOR provides ready-to-use APIs for tracking gpi payments

Solution that Reduces Customer Support Costs

payLOCATOR decreases the number of requests about payments, making support services workflows more efficient

Benefits for Service Bureaus

payLOCATOR is a unique payment tracking solution that enables you to be an innovative leader in the payments space and create value for your existing and future clients.

Innovation & Thought Leadership

payLOCATOR is an exclusive solution that addresses critical market needs and can be installed as a white-labeled version by service bureaus, establishing themselves as innovative leaders in the space

New Clients

payLOCATOR provides services not only for the Service Bureau's current customers, but also for their counterparties, thereby creating the potential to add more clients

Customer Retention

payLOCATOR can enable your Service Bureau to become a one-stop shop for new enhancements that allow customers to receive additional services without having to worry about data security or additional providers

Benefits for Corporates

payLOCATOR's payment tracking and data sharing features create a reduction in operating costs as a result of simplified payment investigation and dispute resolution, as well as optimizing supply chain cash flows

Benefits for CorporatesPayment Tracking

payLOCATOR enables the sharing of crucial payment information, including the date and time when the transaction was processed by the correspondent bank, when the payment was debited from an account, as well as providing clarity on any foreign exchange rates and additional bank charges

Payment Investigation Instrument

Simplifies the investigation process when payments get delayed or lost in the correspondent banking chain

Supply Chain Planning

Improves the ability to forecast the receipt of goods or services associated with payments

Mutual Transparency

Enables mutual transparency and trust between remitter, beneficiary, and their banks


Benefits for Developers

payLOCATOR is an API-based solution. We have created a sandbox, where everyone can execute API-calls. The included API scope allows external services to get the payments statuses and payments history. Try it out!

In order to get access to the sandbox, please fill in the following form and the API-key will be sent to the mentioned email



A service provided by SWIFT that gives corporates the possibility to receive information about payments that were sent via the SWIFT network.


А tool for SWIFT-connected corporates to share their data in a secure and encrypted way with their beneficiaries. The trustline guarantees that the beneficiary only sees payment information that is shared by the respective corporate remitter.


The UETR (Unique End-to-End Transaction Reference) is the cross-border payments equivalent of a tracking number for a package being delivered.

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