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VELMA | Empowering firms of all sizes with state-of-the art ML-powered tools to drive personalization in every aspect of the customer's lifecycle.


VELMA works in 4 steps


Leverage VELMA to come up with personalized investment proposals to increase customer acquisition success rates while decreasing time spent per prospect. Compare prospects to your existing customer base, investigate the approach and strategy that worked for them, and replicate the success


Auto-generate unique asset recommendations with a story, tailored to your customer's needs and investment strategy. Increase personalization, client retention, AUM and revenues, while decreasing time spent per client by up to 22%


Create fine-grained client segments to fuel targeted marketing and sales campaigns: understand what defines your customers and use those insights to up- and cross-sell.


Use VELMA's unique portfolio allocation component to get the most optimal asset allocation and use data to analyze historical and future risk/return

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How VELMA works

All. Kinds. Of. Data.

VELMA thrives on data. The more, the better. Combine internal data on your clients (demographics, behaviour, portfolio, ...) with product data coming from third party providers

Knowledge graphs

The core of VELMA consists of a knowledge graph, linking together your client and product data in a dynamic way

Machine learning

State-of-the-art machine learning algorithms transform the knowledge graph into compact client and product profiles that software can work with

Holistic profiles

Use client and product profiles to power your own use cases or VELMA's out of the box modules


No-Code UI

Upload your data through our easy-to-use UI, without the need for integration & unlock the business value of VELMA's modules to enable personalisation on every front.

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Integrate VELMA in your current IT-infrastructure, auto-update client and product profiles on a periodical basis, and ensure the best results.

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Who loves VELMA?

Advisory & asset management firms

Leverage VELMA to drastically increase the productivity of advisors and asset managers across your entire firm. In short, VELMA increases precision in the advisory process leading to greater profits and highly satisfied clients. Get started in no time using the no-code UI or integrate VELMA with your proprietary tech stack using our well-documented API's.

Wealth management platforms

Are you a core banking software or fully-fledged wealth management platform provider? Are you looking to add a layer of intelligence and personalization to your platform? Integrate VELMA as a white-labeled solution into your product and create immense value for your clients in no time.

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