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IntellectEU teams develop innovative solutions for digital payments, blockchain, sustainability, and Web3. Interested in contributing to the future of global markets? Discover our open positions.

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Our IntellectEU teammates are constantly looking for new opportunities to work together on different projects and support each other. We take a collaborative approach and tackle challenges head-on as a team. We believe strongly in open dialogue and knowledge sharing.


At IntellectEU, every day comes with new possibilities and challenges. This requires us to adapt so we can function effectively as a team despite changing contexts. But we also have the freedom to choose how we work, giving a great sense of ownership over our assignments. We believe this two-way, dynamic approach is vital to our success.


We trust in one another’s capabilities and believe that everyone works to the very best of their abilities. We concentrate on building and maintaining long-term relationships with our colleagues and clients. Having integrity and performing with the highest ethical standards is paramount.


The company culture encourages us to take an active approach to day-to-day responsibilities, propose new ideas, and challenge the status quo. We tap into our strengths and talents so that we love what we do and become intrinsically motivated to go the extra mile.

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Our employees say

“Today, I join forces with my colleagues in the Business Development Team to expand our reach in the Web3 experiences and Insurance domains. It’s exciting to match our internal expertise with the market demand, to then design a strategy and go-to-market for onboarding additional customers. The technology is constantly evolving and it’s stimulating to see how IntellectEU and customers bring their creativity together to shape and build ever more advanced use cases.”

Steven Eliaerts,
Business Development

“On a daily basis, I sit together with customers trying to explore how emerging technologies like blockchain can be of added value to their current solutions or on a new project. I love speaking to people and I enjoy trying to persuade them to think in IntellectEU's mindset. I specifically joined IntellectEU because of the excitement that blockchain brings and how it can change and shape the future of firms. It is always exciting to discuss and explore different use cases, and to see projects coming alive.”

Valentijn den Braven,
Business Development

“Helping clients and giving them certainty regarding their needs is an activity that makes you feel satisfied. This is no doubt a reflection of working for a company that values you — which as a consequence, makes you give your best and encourages you to continue contributing ideas.”

Zazil Miranda,
SWIFT Engineer

“I've been with IntellectEU for quite some time, transitioning from software developer to solution architect, and now taking engineering management responsibilities. It was quite a ride and I'm still learning new things: the variety of services we provide is stunning. There are always new challenges and opportunities to grow as a professional and contribute to something meaningful. Services, projects and products, and consulting. We foster an open and supportive culture with experts from different areas who are always ready to help with both 'easy' and non-trivial questions.”

Oleg Borovyk,
Head of Engineering

“The learning curve has been very steep and challenging, learning all service offerings, but also discovering our 4 flagship products. From day one I was taking ownership of existing accounts, finding sales opportunities with them, as well as building my account portfolio with new clients. By working constantly with the technical pre-sales and product teams to create demos and presentations, we have very transparent and fluid communication all across the company. IntellectEU is a company where providing feedback internally, improving our processes, and sharing market knowledge is welcome, helping everyone in their daily tasks.”

Cyril Vanneste,
Business Development

“At IntellectEU, we have a great work environment and you have significant control over your job content. You get to spend more time on your strong points, and the things you like to do, with lots of friendly and like-minded people who are all always available for a chat – both for in-depth work-related discussions and casual conversations about everything and nothing.”

Matthias van der Donck,
Quantum Computing Lead

“IntellectEU is a fast-paced environment where I really enjoy engaging with different clients across a variety of industries. I work with emerging technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence, while interacting with clients to find ways to create efficiencies and improve their business models.

Christopher Kelly,
Business Development — Head of Americas

“I joined IntellectEU because I was passionate about blockchain and really wanted to work with the most exciting technology of the last decade. Joining IntellectEU was the best thing that could happen in my career. Not only do I get to work – day in, day out – with one of my passions, but IntellectEU also provides great workplace flexibility. This allows me to work anywhere, anytime. Moreover, they strive to monitor the work-life balance, which I very much appreciate.”

Cedric Loyens,
Customer Experience

“I joined IntellectEU as a Business Analyst where I had the chance to work on projects for some of the largest financial institutions globally. Later, I had the opportunity to take on a different role and became responsible for everything related to the sales and go-to-market of Catalyst Blockchain Manager. Setting up the processes that come with selling a software product has been a very steep learning curve and going out into the market to sell Catalyst has been an amazing experience. I was subsequently asked to take up the role of Sales, Client and Partner Relations EMEA. A new set of challenges across the services and products that we offer that I've grabbed onto with both hands. IntellectEU aims to be a place where young talent can develop, grow and learn — and for me it has been exactly that.”

Robert van Donge,
Business Development — Head of EMEA

“IntellectEU has employees from more than a dozen nationalities, and I consider this to be one of the strongest points of our team. Since I joined IntellectEU, I became more aware of the importance of working in a multicultural company. IntellectEU has offices across the globe, which allows us to create cross-country teams leveraging multiple views of how to solve a problem, different technical education paradigms, and cultural diversity. The regular remote collaboration within our teams was also essential to smoothen the adaptation of our company to the restrictions caused by the pandemic.”

Bruno Almeida,
Head of Delivery

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