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As you read this, a financial services industry underpinned by distributed ledger technology (DLT) is already taking shape. Today, through production-grade deployments, DLT is enabling leading organizations to deliver consequential business outcomes. But to seize upon the enormous opportunities presented by this innovation, market participants require specialist expertise, DLT capabilities, and hands-on integration experience: needs which IntellectEU is uniquely positioned to serve.

DLT & Smart Contracts: Benefits for Market Participants

Cryptographic protection
Smart Contracts
Trustless Architecture

Remove the need for a central party, eliminating a major barrier to industry collaboration.

Enhance security and protection of data and identities in the system.

Facilitate the creation of new business models and investment opportunities, leveraging  complex automated workflows.

Eliminate friction in transactions, accelerating the speed of value exchange.

Enable near real-time settlement in transactions.

Streamline and reduce the cost of multi-party collaboration through mutualized workflows, allowing organizations to co-create value at scale.

IntellectEU’s Record: Enabling Production Deployments of DLT

IntellectEU is engaged in many of the financial services industry’s most advanced, production-grade DLT projects, delivering tangible business results for leading financial institutions, who use our capabilities to streamline and augment financial lifecycle processes for:

KYC & Onboarding
Clearing & Settlement
Tokenization & Issuance
Securities Lending
Corporate Actions
Programmable Money

IntellectEU DLT services

Advisory Services

Our specialists offer guidance, technical assessment, and strategy consultation on DLT selection and implementation.

Development Services

Our world-leading full-stack engineering teams provide end-to-end development of DLT / Smart Contract solutions.

Ready-Made Solutions

Our white-labeled DLT solutions enable expedited go-to-market and rapid value creation.

Leverage IntellectEU’s unique blend of domain and technical expertise to deliver next-generation financial technology solutions

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