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With one tool for all your integration needs.

Unlock Swift Essentials with our application and integration layer solution, supporting any ERP/back office to Swift, including ISO 20022 translation.

Combine with IntellectEU’s  world-leading consultancy services for Swift technology and integration.

Catalyst Integration Manager

Helps you effortlessly modernize your payment infrastructure with advanced connectors and a flexible integration framework, for efficient data mapping and seamless translation across protocols, services, and systems.

Catalyst Integration Manager


Leverage out-of-the-box connectors that allow for easy data retrieval and transportation from different sources


Utilize custom or predefined translators to create workflows to reshape the data into different formats


Detailed logging capabilities provide granular information on every transaction, enhancing overall operational resilience

Frequently Asked Questions

What if we're not ready for ISO 20022?

Don’t worry, Catalyst supports both strategic and tactical implementations of ISO 20022. We can support you wherever you are in your migration journey.

What if we use custom integrations?

No problem — Catalyst can handle a diverse range of complex integration workflows.

But we use a third-party screening service.  Can it be integrated, too?

Yes — Catalyst can sit between your back-office system and Swift Alliance Cloud, creating a seamless flow, even with third-party interfaces.

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