Seamless Integration
with the Swift Network

Catalyst Integration Manager is a connectivity framework for the integration of legacy systems with payment rails, API services, and non-standard interfaces.

the catalyst difference

How does it work?

With predefined, enterprise-ready connectors and support for all Swift message types, Catalyst is an incredibly powerful tool for banking integration, both for legacy and novel technologies. Through custom translators, data mapping, and Swift API connectivity, our solution provides a single gateway to a multitude of Swift network integration use cases.

Features for Swift Connectivity

Predefined Libraries and Connectors

Catalyst enables financial institutions to streamline back-office connectivity with Swift API services. Simply connecting to our solution provides access to all supporting interfaces and capabilities and eliminates the pain of manual integration.

Financial Message Transformation Functionality

Catalyst offers a tactical solution to ISO 20022 migration and enables organizations to repurpose pre-existing integration workflows. Avoid writing workflows from scratch, reduce task burden and the risk of operational disruption, and move towards an ISO 20022-native implementation.

A Versatile Integration Framework

Catalyst enables financial enterprises to radically accelerate integration processes through automation, seamlessly connect complex custom information flows and non-standard interfaces, and align with the Swift zero-footprint strategy. Catalyst provides a streamlined approach to crafting custom translators, eliminating manual tasks and minimizing the complexities of data collection and refinement.

Benefits for Swift Connectivity

Streamlined Integration

Catalyst significantly accelerates integration processes, incorporating a wealth of pre-built libraries and connectors directly into the system.

Efificient Customization

Catalyst provides a streamlined approach to custom orchestration workflows and connectors, eliminating manual tasks and minimizing the complexities of data transformations and refinement.

Future-proofed Systems

Catalyst supports the latest standards and transformations, with API extension based on ecosystem developments, ensuring continuous runtime for your systems in the future.

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