Streamline Back Office to Rails Integration

Catalyst Integration Manager | An enterprise-grade integration manager for simplified connection with financial messaging networks

About the platform

What does it do?

Catalyst Integration Manager (CAT-IM) is an enterprise-grade manager designed for the seamless integration of diverse core banking systems, payment rails, back-office applications, and blockchain networks.

Financial institutions need to deal with the processing of proprietary systems, Swift (MT), ISO 20022 messages, and APIs: CAT-IM speeds up and simplifies this process, especially when limited in-house expertise exists.

CAT-IM Features for Back Office to Rails Integration


CAT-IM offers advanced connectors and a versatile integration framework, facilitating streamlined data mapping and effortless transitions across a wide array of protocols, systems, and payment rails.


Our platform includes custom or predefined translators that empower you to construct workflows for data transformation into diverse formats tailored to your financial messaging requirements.


CAT-IM features an all-encompassing monitoring tool, ensuring rapid detection and resolution of potential issues for a seamless migration experience.

Endless Connectors & Libraries

Predefined enterprise-ready connectors (AMQP, JDBC, HTTP, SMTP, RPC, GraphQL, SOAP, REST, etc.)

Supports all message types used on Swift, including FIN, ISO 15022, and ISO 20022

Ready-made connectors for cloud services and platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP

Seamless Integration

Enable zero Swift footprint deployment and ISO 20022

Integration with custom Rails Interfaces

Integration with SWIFT APIs (Pre-Validation, Compliance, etc.)

CAT-IM Benefits for Back Office to Rails Integration

CAT-IM is an enterprise integration manager designed to connect different applications. With its robust feature set including data transportation, validation, translation, and routing capabilities, the solution represents an efficient, resilient, and adaptable tool for diverse integration workflows.

Streamlined Integration

CAT-IM significantly accelerates integration processes, incorporating a wealth of pre-built libraries and connectors directly into the system.

Efficient Customization

The primary time investment now revolves around crafting custom translators, thus minimizing the complexities associated with data collection and refinement.

Tailored Efficiency

Custom translators empower you to prioritize efficiency and performance for each unique connection, ensuring an optimal migration of your financial messaging systems.

Future-proofed Systems

Support for the latest standards and transformations, API extension based on ecosystem developments, ensuring continuous runtime of your systems in the future.


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