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Catalyst Blockchain Manager Enables On-chain Knowledge Sharing for Multidisciplinary Research


Transparency and Circular Farming 

Human agro-food systems must adapt if we are to make meaningful steps to counter the climate crisis. The need for sustainable agricultural practices has never been clearer. The Future Flemish Pig research project focuses on integrating advancements in genetics, animal nutrition, slaughter, and processing for Piétrain crossbred fattening pigs. The aim is to explore sustainable solutions for circular agro-food systems using a multidisciplinary research approach. 

The project is designed to increase transparency and enhance animal welfare, breeding efficiency and food safety through blockchain-based data sharing. Transparency can benefit all players in the supply chain, including end consumers, while research could improve the quality of farming outputs.

A Unique Challenge in Integrating Knowledge

The Future Flemish Pig research project presents a unique challenge in integrating knowledge from different domains to improve the pig sector. Through a multidisciplinary research approach, the project aims to develop strategies to improve animal welfare, reduce losses at both the pre-mortem and post-mortem stages, enhance the taste and quality of fresh pork and dried ham, and gain new insights into the resilience of Piétrain offspring to feed fluctuations.

One of the project's core objectives is to leverage blockchain technology to enhance transparency and automated traceability in the pig production and processing chain. By doing so, project participants seek to increase trust between all supply chain players, from farmers to end consumers, and provide valuable insights into the production process.

The project's success is not only measured by improvements in animal welfare, reduced losses, and better quality products, but also by the adoption of new sustainable practices in the industry. Through innovative research, the Future Flemish Pig project strives to play a significant role in shaping the future of the pig sector, creating a more sustainable, efficient, and transparent system.

Harnessing knowledge with an End-to-end Solution

Though the project is not yet finished, its ongoing strategic research is ahead of the state-of-the-art in the industry. Knowledge generated from Future Flemish Pig research has given rise to many opportunities for participant organizations, with benefits depending on their position in the value chain. While value creation currently centers on actors in the supply chain, creating benefits for end consumers remains an ambition for the future. Notably, the project has demonstrated greater potential for value creation than the research efforts of individual companies within the consortium.

IntellectEU’s Catalyst Blockchain Manager played a crucial role in enabling the efficient sharing of fundamental insights across a Hyperledger ® Fabric-based blockchain solution — knowledge that is proving useful for new applications in the transition to more sustainable livestock farming.

Catalyst Blockchain Manager is an end-to-end solution for automating and streamlining the deployment and operation of blockchain technology. It offers a powerful abstraction layer for Hyperledger Fabric, driving teams towards efficiency through simplified certificate authority management and rotation, advanced monitoring and visibility features for chaincode events, peer status, and external database status, and support for external orderers.

"Using the Catalyst Console for setting up the Hyperledger Fabric network has been a joy. It makes it a lot easier to deploy production-ready organizations with their respective nodes. This allows for a scalable solution for facilitating the development of the Future Flemish Pig project and I could see it lowering the technical barriers for organizations to manage their own blockchain infrastructure as a service and becoming a tool that encourages a wider adoption of decentralized technologies."

-- Robby Goetinck, Web3 Engineer at Howest University of Applied Sciences

Overall, Catalyst Blockchain Manager facilitated the efficient sharing of knowledge and insights, and helped to increase transparency and traceability in the pig sector. IntellectEU is proud to have contributed to the Future Flemish Pig research project's success through Catalyst Blockchain Manager, and looks forward to continuing to support the development of sustainable practices across the industry.


- Better Knowledge Sharing  

- Increased Transparency

- Immutable Traceability

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