Managed Services

Swift Management and Operations: Where Peace of Mind Takes the Lead

Ensuring the smooth and secure operation of SwiftNet

Managing Swift infrastructure involves navigating a complex landscape of security, high availability, network complexity, performance optimization, integration, and regulatory compliance. Financial institutions need a skilled and dedicated team with expertise in various domains to effectively address these challenges and ensure the smooth and secure operation of SwiftNet.

IntellectEU's Comprehensive Support for SwiftNet Infrastructure

Our expertise in Swift and financial integration solutions positions us to provide comprehensive support in addressing the challenges of managing SwiftNet infrastructure. IntellectEU can offer tailored solutions that encompass security, high availability, network complexity, performance optimization, integration, and compliance, helping financial institutions maintain a robust and efficient Swift ecosystem.

Our Managed Services help institutions address the unique challenges of managing SwiftNet:

Swift quarterly security updates
Change management support
Integration and interoperability
Security and compliance
Performance monitoring and optimization
Message routing and transformation solutions

Why choose IntellectEU

IntellectEU has extensive experience in managing Swift infrastructure and related processes.

Key facts

More than 15 years of expertise in implementing, integrating, maintaining and supporting the full range of Swift products

More than 400 successfully delivered technical implementation projects concerning Swift messaging, connectivity, integration, hardware, API products

Full lifecycle of customer product onboarding

Dedicated teams of highly qualified Swift experts for all Swift product lines

Dedicated delivery managers

Global coverage & 24/7 dedicated support on-site and/or remote

The value

Proactive monitoring and maintenance

Holistic approach in implementing and maintaining Swift and related infrastructure

Cost efficiency

Peace of mind

Flexible service offerings

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